"Israel's Double Curse: Politics and

the Pandemic"

Tel Aviv, Israel | March 24, 2020

A Supreme Court decision threatens Netanyahu’s grip on power and augurs a constitutional crisis.

Heading 2

"What Bolton's Departure Means for Israel"

Tel Aviv, Israel | September 12, 2019

Some Israelis are worried it will leave them alone to confront Iran in the region.

"The Next Round in Gaza Will Be Deadlier"

Tel Aviv, Israel | May 8, 2019

An Israeli-Palestinian truce ended the fighting but didn’t address the issues driving it.

"The Bibi Slayer?"

Tel Aviv, Israel | February 8, 2019

Retired general Benny Gantz is giving Netanyahu a run for his money.

"Israel (Finally) Goes to Early Elections"

Tel Aviv, Israel | December 24, 2019

Netanyahu looks to get out ahead of legal & security threats to his tenure

"The Rise of the Cyber-Mercenaries"

Fall 2018 issue

What happens when private firms have cyberweapons as powerful as those owned by governments?

"Why Israel's Generals Are Taking on Netanyahu"

Tel Aviv, Israel | July 2, 2019

Almost all of them believe the prime minister is destroying Israel’s democratic values and sacrificing the Zionist dream by avoiding a two-state solution.

"How Trump Is Helping Bibi Get Re-Elected"

Tel Aviv, Israel | March 25, 2019

With a political gift and a photo-op, Trump signals whose side he’s on.

"Inside the Congressional Battle Over ATCA"

Tel Aviv, Israel & Washington, DC | January 28, 2019

A bid to temper Palestinian security funding cuts before they go into effect this week fell short.

"In Israel, a Coalition of the Barely Willing"

Tel Aviv, Israel | November 19, 2018

Netanyahu outmaneuvers rivals, heads off early election.

"Israel's Security Establishment vs Trump"

Tel Aviv, Israel | August 29, 2018

Aid cuts to the Palestinians could deepen economic crisis in the West Bank and Gaza and lead to violence.

"Can Anyone End the Palestinian Civil War?"

October 16, 2017

A new agreement aims to mend the rift between Fatah and Hamas -- but the wounds may run too deep.

"Israel & Palestine Wait For Trump"
Tel Aviv, Israel & Ramallah, West Bank | January 20, 2017
Israelis are optimistic; Palestinians are not. The Arab-Israeli conflict enters the Trump era.
"Bibi's Big Right-Wing Gamble"
Tel Aviv, Israel | May 31, 2016
In a surprise reshuffling, Netanyahu has ditched the moderates in his government and taken up with hard-liners. Could it be his undoing?

"Trump's Mideast Peace Plan Crashing Against Political Reality"

Tel Aviv, Israel | July 11, 2017

Both Israelis & Palestinians are chafing under the Trump administration's plans to revive the long moribund peace process.

"Avigdor Lieberman, Defense Minister"
Tel Aviv, Israel | August 3, 2016

Lieberman is combining tough talk with measured deeds. Could that be a recipe for becoming prime minister?